We have been in the lodge for three months. Three months of uncertainty, unsettledness, dark paneling and stairs. I am homesick, homesick, homesick, but ever so grateful for the larger Lake house that will someday be re-occupied by us! I cleaned the lodge and hung some curtains and brought a lot of lamps over when we moved, but my mantra has been: "this is not our home, this is not our home--do not settle in." It's a nice metaphor for the Christian life, but in real-life it is frustrating for the domestically inclined. I've been trying to occupy this time in sewing, planning for the house and tackling other projects. I made a slipcover for our couch which I am very proud of and have purchased fabric for curtains, but can't quite decide what style to make them. Anyway, I am aching to be back in our house, and with all of our combined families coming for Thanksgiving I really want to be out of the Lodge--please say a prayer for us in this matter--that our house will be done sufficiently before Thankgiving and that if it is not, I would rest in God's sovereignty!
We found out last month that we are having a girl! Aubrey Sue will be the name and she is due around Feb 1. I am looking forward to her arrival as it will not only bring a precious baby girl, but the ability to sleep on my back, eat real sushi and consume adult beverages once more! She and Johnny will be sharing a nursery and I am anxious to see how that will work out. Johnny is at such a good age right now. He is growing self-sufficient and has such a good disposition. He is fairly obedient and still naps twice-a-day. I hope that lasts with the baby's birth! I can't believe what a blessing he is and Tuan is such an incredible Father.
I think of a thousand things to blog about over the course of a week, and internet time is so scarce. Until we are moved back in and have access at home, I'll continue to be intermittent. Thanks to all of you who read this and pray for us!