epiphany for a dummy

Oh, I almost didn't share this . . . .  

Since the kids are still sharing a room, we're planning to use the third bedroom as a guestroom. It will be decorated in a very girly way and will one day be A's room. While we are waiting for a double bed mattress to magically appear or go on a deep sale, it's a catch-all room for  sewing supplies, linens and I know not what. Sometime ago, I had this brilliant idea to set up J's train tracks on the floor of the closet. That way he could spend some nap-times playing with trains and we could leave it out. Since we've moved, that's the way it's been.

However, as we've been working through the bric-a-brac, I had reached the point where things just needed to be stored and stacked until a mattress magically appears. This afternoon, I was moving things around, stuffing boxes under tables and throwing shower curtains over said tables to conceal the junk. It looked ridiculous. I opened the closet to put something on a shelf and just about smacked myself in the head. "Stupid Hobbit! Why am I not using the closet for all these boxes, crates and pack-n-plays?" 

Out went the train tracks and in went the stuff. The room is much cleaner now and a set of tracks on the floor make far more sense than a jumble of other stuff. I was mentally kicking myself the whole time for not thinking of it sooner and am so embarrassed to even admit it took so long. But it was such a good lesson for me to not get stuck merely because there is a brick wall in my path. 

If there's a metaphorical brick wall in your path, take a moment to see if you can walk around it, climb over it, knock it down, or, gulp, move it. : ) This was so cheesy. I am sorry, but I'm not going to delete this after having written it. So, there.


Moving . . . "aarrugghhem"

I once took a seminar at Summer Conference that Bebo Elkin taught. It was titled "Heros of the Faith" or something like that. Anytime he would mention a "hero" he'd follow the name with a low guttural groan/mutter.  "Jonathan Edwards . . . ." he would say and then you'd hear that "aarugghem." I suppose the meaning was that these are intimidating people. I think I'd follow thoughts of Elisabeth Elliot and Nancy Wilson with that sound!
While I've held onto the true purpose of the seminar, I've also kept that sound effect, too and frequently add it onto my thoughts. Moving deserves an "aarugghem," I think.

We are settling and then unsettling and then settling some more. Having this much space is just marvelous! This is the largest house we've lived in since we got married and while we were content in the Lake House (but for storage), and possibly even dreaded leaving our little home, I have to say that the first or second night here we sat down in the living room and felt this great sigh of peace come over. Comfort and space! What richness! 

There are still things to get used to, but I truly only miss one thing about the old house: windows and light! That aside, I do want to share what I am loving and giving thanks for with the new house.

1. The Attic and Storage Room. We've never had either and it is just amazing. In the old house everything was stored under our bed and in our closet and a closet at Warner and Becky's.  It is a marvelous, marvelous thing to have tools in the storage room and not in the bedroom!

2. Our dishwasher. TL replaced the old one and I was skeptical of this particular model at first, but now that I've learned how to load it--I LOVE IT! It cleans so well, although it is so loud, I'm sure our neighbors wonder what we're doing over here.

3. An updated faucet. The faucet is the accessory of the kitchen and we have a lovely, new one!

4. A deep sink! The Lake House sink was so shallow you could put a fork in it and it was overflowing . . . . Okay, that's not wholly true. It was shallow, however, and this one is delightfully deep. I just want to give a shout out to the fellow who damaged the old sink while trying to remove the faucet--we love our new sink. Thank you so much.

5. Closets and bedrooms and bathrooms, Oh my!

6. A laundry closet that is solely a laundry closet!

7. A covered carport. Unloading groceries is easier as is cleaning out the car and keeping things out of the elements.

8. Neighbors! It's nice knowing someone is next door and having folks to talk to and kids for our kids to play with.

9. We now live in the country. There are woods behind our house and we have a place for a fire. I only thought we lived in the country before. 

10. Our own mailbox. Just 'cause I love to check the mail. 

I think I could go on and on. I love the little Lake House and am so glad that Zack and Kristen are moving into it. I hope their time in it is as wonderful as ours was. But for now, as I get overwhelmed at the things on the "to-do" list and the boxes that keep appearing, I will count my blessings. And, soon, there will be pictures!


only time for a short post

My heart is grateful. All of our appliances are installed and working. The view outside our bedroom window makes me feel like I live in a tree house and the house is falling into order. After the initial flurry of furniture placement and bed-making, I'm working room by room from our closet out--I feel like it's a spiral. An upward spiral. Life is good.

When this poor, lisping, stammering heart
lies silent in the grave
Then in a nobler, sweeter song
I'll sing Thy power to save!