brick wall/waterfall

Today I was super productive between eight o'clock and ten thirty. Then I hit that brick wall of fatigue and inability to decide what to do next. Rather than taking a permissive, indulgent break, I just sort of puttered all over the place and kept trying to do things ineffectively. But, my freezer is full of barley and chickpeas so that should count for something!


Twisted Sense of Housework

Some people (of a far more sensible head-on-straight breed) mop their floors regularly or before company comes. I, on the other hand, tend to think: Company is coming. Why should I mop the floors when they are just going to get messsy? Silly, but it sure decreases the frequency of mopping! The exception is when my Vietnamese mother-in-law is coming. I just have to mop then!


dare I say it?

You know how sometimes you're afraid to say something for fear of jinxing yourself? Those knock on wood type of things--although rationally you know life doesn't work like that, irrationally you feel otherwise? That's how I am feeling these days.
Since June I've been doing lo-carb, no sugar and have lost twenty pounds, give or take a few. Gulp. There, I've said it. It's been hard, hard, hard to give up sugar, and almost as hard to give up tortilla chips and beans. The results, however are worth it. My weight it less than it was before I had Johnny and I have dropped a pants size and a bit more.
I love carbs and sugar and my body does not do well with them--it has been good to break away and while I will not bid farewell forever to such delights, I hope to one day return to them in a more sensible, less dependent, more infrequent manner.
I don't think those things are evil (why would God have promised a land flowing with milk and honey if they were?), but for right now it is better for my body to abstain.
This week, now that we are recovered from camp and all it's craziness, I am adding in more intentional excercise. Twenty more pounds to go. The additional benefit is that berries have never tasted more amazing--cantelope, too.
Saying it out loud in bloggy-land makes it more real and me more accountable. Would you pray for continued grace to do this?