Christmas slogging

We are sick. Tuan and I have been in and out of bed the last three days. Johnny is snotty and Aubrey is slightly more happy. Tuan has been worst and I've been hovering on the brink. There are no Christmas cards/letters/photos taken, but the tree is up and the housekeeping is in survival mode: essentials only! We may be sending out a New Year's card this year. : ) The really crazy thing is, Tuan and I are leaving for Disney World on Monday--He's got a conference and we're staying a few days after. I've never been to DW, so this is exciting. It didn't occur to me that we'd be going right smack in the middle of Christmas, so that's making things weird and a tricky as far as shopping goes. I have done some Amazon shopping today, but lost the energy to find one more thing and my virtual shopping cart is sitting somewhere in cyberspace, waiting to be purchased . . . .

There was a point to this post, but it went away with the first sentence.