This is Why We're We

Morning quiet time . . .  Reading amiably in our chairs.

I speak first. "We should fry things EVERY Friday because its 'FRI-day', get it"

He replies, "absolutely we should." resumes reading, then says thoughtfully,

"I wish we had bought cabbage."

"ME TOO! I had the same thought fifteen minutes ago."

He grabs my hand.

"I love you."

Yes. Indeed. We are but one mind and one way of thinking.


When TV and Real Life Collide

This past spring and summer I got Tuan to watch Friday Night Lights with me. It is a series that just really stuck with me and I wanted Tuan to kind of understand this part of who I was. So, we watched the entire series (skipping most of the stuff with Jason and Lyla, because basically they are the Jack and Kate (LOST) of the show and annoying as all get out and both couples could/should have been written out much earlier on).

Then, we went to family camp and there was a counselor who looked an awful lot like Tyra Collette, which had us tickled. As luck would have it, there was a red-headed kid there that week named Landry!

At one of the activities, Tuan walked up laughing and whispered, "'Tyra' is belaying Landry and keeps saying, 'come on, Landry, you can do it!'".

We got SUCH a kick out of that. I had to write it down for memory's sake.

We also found out after we got back from Glorieta that LONGMIRE is filmed at and around Glorieta and wouldn't ya know, we keep seeing VERY familiar spots as we are watching that series.