Resting--and Life, Currently.

I am so thankful for this season right now. This summer of camp has been such a blessing, such a reprieve from the wild of the past year.

There are struggles, still. But there is so much grace, so much calm in the midst of the crazy and even though I am tired, I sense renewal and refreshment as we have taken a break from school and the busyness of the fall-winter-spring. I'm encouraged by sin battles that are being won, for the enemy being kept at bay and for the way the Lord is stretching and teaching me.

I LOVE being a camp wife. I love this interesting and busy life and helping my husband as he needs me. I love that our children get to grow up here with the amazing staff to love on them and the incredible camp kids to grow up alongside (and their amazing parents for us to fellowship with!)

The kids and I have lazy mornings. I drink coffee, read, pray and journal on the porch before my kiddos drag out of bed. They sleep so late right now, that I can sleep in a bit and still get a head start on the day! They eat breakfast and we try to make it to morning assembly to worship with the campers, see the Pilgrim's Progress skit and catch the funny activity skits. We swim, do chores, take it easy . . . . at night we play at camp with the campers. So fun! Our nights are late--usually bedtime is around nine or nine thirty. A little housework here and there, keeping up with laundry, hospitality--not much on my plate right now. I'm grateful for that because the rest of the year I feel like I'm spinning with meals, homeschool, laundry, cleaning and all the STUFF of life. I'm spinning now, but in a sweet and different way. I also have LOTS of help with the kids thanks to our camp Nannies. Since we don't do MMO or preschool, I don't get a lot of breaks during the year. I'm enjoying this very much!

With two weeks of camp left and two truly busy weeks of "special season" (when other groups run their own camps) left, I'm starting to twitch and plan for school. I'm hoping to start VERY early since August can be so miserably hot and get a head start so we can enjoy lots of free fall days, a long Christmas break and finish school early in the spring. This break has surely gotten me mentally rested and motivated and SO excited about the coming year and all of our school plans.

The kids are growing like weeds. J lost his first tooth today. He is reading on his own and it's SO COOL to see him sounding out books and whatever words he comes across. He is such a good, cheerful helper, too, and takes out the bathroom garbage, vacuums the stairs, puts away laundry . . . . J is also proving himself trust-worthy (in a seven year old kind of way) and I really have enjoyed giving him more privileges and freedoms. He LOVES hanging out with the other two staff kid boys.

Miss A is a delight. She and one of the other little staff kids are best buds and A would play with her ALL DAY if she could. She also loves to play with other campers and usually ends up hanging out with a cabin or two. Miss A is really growing in her stewardship of her room and toys. I'm proud of how well she cleans her room and unloads the dishwasher. She also enjoys helping in the kitchen and loves to cook alongside me. Music and singing are VERY much part of her personality, too.

Mr. O is a sweet mess. He keeps me on my toes, but melts my heart with his kisses and snuggles and desire to be included. "Me, too?!" is his frequent question. O thinks the "big boys" (staff kids) are the coolest people EVER and always wants to do what they are doing--for better or for worse! He is much less of a handful than last year and is learning to obey and follow direction (and dance!).

Baby R is delightful. Absolute chubbalicious thighs and big baby smile delightful. She is go with the flow as long as she has her peeps nearby. A bit of Mama-separation-anxiety is creeping in and I don't mind one bit. It's nice to be so wanted. : ) With two bottom teeth and four on the top, she is becoming less baby and I'm seeing the hints of some toddler! She and her "BFF" next door neighbor, Baby A, love playing with each other. R is pretty verbal and likes to imitate sounds and actions. We see the inklings of wanting to walk, but I'm not rushing that at all.

That's life these days. We have evaded sickness this summer and things are calm. I am enjoying this pleasant season. I don't know what the future holds, but I KNOW who holds the future.