7 Things . . .

Guitta tagged me to list seven random things about me. I've been ruminating over this for several days and must confess that it will be hard to avoid turning this into a confessional of my deepest, darkest secrets. Here goes!

1. My hair has too big an influence on my mood/day. For example: if my hair is dirty or looks oily, I cannot feel good no matter what I'm wearing or what happens. Conversely, if my hair is clean (and especially if it is rolled), I can wear the nastiest clothes and feel absolutely confidently good. I am also extremely fond of Pantene--their conditioner is the best! Oh, and I sleep with my hair wet--using a hair dryer does weird things to my hair.

2. On the subject of hair . . . I cannot touch anything associated with other people's hair/heads. It's just disgusting. I will never rub your scalp (who knows what beasties or ailments lurk beneath?), share my hairbrush, touch your glasses, and in most cases, I don't like to use other people's cell phones. Although that doesn't apply to Tuan, Johnny, and Aubrey, I am glad that Tuan keeps his hair short.

3. When I was little, I liked the number sixteen. My "horse" was named sixteen and I wanted to be sixteen.

4. Once, I almost lost my best friend in a fight over a fur stole. The friendship was saved, however, because I was in possession of a bag of manuscripts. Cryptic, yes?

5. In Comp II, I was so involved in writing my research paper on the Lindbergh kidnapping, that I wrote seven extra pages to satisfy myself. My professor, Mr. Wedgeworth, didn't count off for that, but he did stop reading/grading at page eight. I find personal satisfaction in going beyond what is required on tasks.

6. I don't drink milk out of solid cups or drink coffee made by other people, unless I am certain of the cleanliness of their pot. I also cannot stand dark sheets.

7. I have a lot of fears/paranoias, but I used to have this persistent worry that I was really insane/crazy and everyone around me was in a conspiracy to pretend that I was normal, so I wouldn't feel bad about being crazy. Which makes me sound crazy, but I'm not!

Okay, enough about me. I tag: Sonny, Christy, Mrs. Dorothy, and Beth


Caroline said...

So funny--I almost posted that I prefer to drink milk out of plastic or pyrex cups. But I'm with you on the dark sheets and other people's heads.

And I'm glad we're still friends. ;)

guitta chaiban hogue said...

fascinating...i am with you on "everyone is pretending i'm normal" idea. I remember having those thoughts before. thanks for participating.

Anonymous said...

Your "horse?"


Anonymous said...

It was was either one of those bouncy horses (with springs) or a stick horse, I can't remember.