Mystery Magical Morning

This is one of those days when everything seems to be going right. I'm perplexed. For example: I got up after hitting snooze only twice, finished my Bible Study, drank a homemade latte, ate breakfast (not healthy, but high in calcium), rolled my hair (Bobbie Brown frowns upon rolling, but I ask Bobbie: What's a girl to do who can't master the use of "product", a blow dryer, and a round brush?), did makeup, nails, dressed and am ready for Bible Study a good fifteen minutes early. Not only that, but my mom is heading up to keep the kids since they are snotty (not sick, just snotty), and I'm meeting Caroline for lunch! I certainly don't think that God is causing all of this to happen so later on he can smack me upside my joyful, incredulous head, but judging by the patterns of life these last--okay, all of life!--I'm just not myself today. Usually I'm applying makeup in the parking lot at 1st Pres! In fact, Tuan knows there are dire consequences when my makeup bag is taken out of the car. Alrighty, the kids are waking up now (!) gotta run.

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Caroline said...

I had so much fun! You are an excellent lunch companion, and your hair looked great.