So, I just happened to discover what "Bodene" means, according to the Urban Dictionary. Ugh, ahem, I feel sort of awkward. I got the name from my MIL who calls us all nicknames like bodene, bubble-tweet and whatnot. I'm wondering now if anyone caught this and has been too nice to tell me? It's kind of like the time a friend and I used "bloody" over and over because we wanted to sound British--then we found out what it meant. Cringe.

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Alli Kat said...

I'm sure it has some other connotation, or she doesn't know that definition.

UrbanDictionary.com is a source of much amusement, though. When I worked at Starbucks, it used to drive me up the wall when people ordered Frappucinos as "fraps". I happened to look it up at UD one day, and from then on, couldn't stop giggling at that term. I'll leave it up to you to look that word up, if you dare.