epiphany for a dummy

Oh, I almost didn't share this . . . .  

Since the kids are still sharing a room, we're planning to use the third bedroom as a guestroom. It will be decorated in a very girly way and will one day be A's room. While we are waiting for a double bed mattress to magically appear or go on a deep sale, it's a catch-all room for  sewing supplies, linens and I know not what. Sometime ago, I had this brilliant idea to set up J's train tracks on the floor of the closet. That way he could spend some nap-times playing with trains and we could leave it out. Since we've moved, that's the way it's been.

However, as we've been working through the bric-a-brac, I had reached the point where things just needed to be stored and stacked until a mattress magically appears. This afternoon, I was moving things around, stuffing boxes under tables and throwing shower curtains over said tables to conceal the junk. It looked ridiculous. I opened the closet to put something on a shelf and just about smacked myself in the head. "Stupid Hobbit! Why am I not using the closet for all these boxes, crates and pack-n-plays?" 

Out went the train tracks and in went the stuff. The room is much cleaner now and a set of tracks on the floor make far more sense than a jumble of other stuff. I was mentally kicking myself the whole time for not thinking of it sooner and am so embarrassed to even admit it took so long. But it was such a good lesson for me to not get stuck merely because there is a brick wall in my path. 

If there's a metaphorical brick wall in your path, take a moment to see if you can walk around it, climb over it, knock it down, or, gulp, move it. : ) This was so cheesy. I am sorry, but I'm not going to delete this after having written it. So, there.

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Hilary said...

I know why you didn't put it in the closet at first, even if you don't. Subconsciously, you knew that once stuff was in a closet all the "I know not what" would stay there until the next move. Okay, okay, I guess if you had been me, that's why you wouldn't have wanted to put it in the closet. I'm much more motivated to purge when something is in my way every day than when it's forgotten in a closet. But sometimes there just isn't time for purging, and the closet must be used!