Just Like the Ones Sonic Makes

How many of you, while sitting at Sonic, enjoying onion rings have thought, "Dang. If I could just make these at home my life would be complete and I'd never have to go to Sonic again except for the marvelous ice . . . " Did it just get quiet in here? Me neither. Last night, though, Tuan and I put the kids to bed and had planned a late supper of steak and catching up on the Office. We had steak, mushrooms, blue cheese and wanted something else to go with dinner. "Let's make onion rings!" I said, completely out of the blue. We found this recipe on All Recipes and I cannot tell you how thrilled we were with the results!

The recipe advertised that they were like "that famous drive in" or something like that. You dredge the onion rings in flour, then batter then cracker crumbs. We only had whole wheat flour and crackers, so they were a bit heavier and, well, more "brown" than had we used white flour and perhaps even panko, but they had a marvelous, marvelous texture. I think I'd like to try this with cheese, too. If only we'd had some comeback sauce!

One neat thing we learned is that if you loop them on chopsticks or skewers after they come out of the grease and let them dangle over a bowl, then they drain perfectly and there is no greasy puddling. I don't know if anyone who reads this actually fries food, but her ya go!


Gracie said...

Oh my goodness this sounds like such a delicious meal!! This reader is certainly not above frying, but I must admit I am afraid of hot oil.

Sounds like a really fun evening together!

Paula said...

I am nervous about hot oil, too! Tuan usually takes on the frying duties (and does it with chopsticks, no less!) but we just discovered that using an old, deep, stock pot keeps the splatters to a minimum. We also bought this long-handled sort of metal spoon (for lack of a better word) that keeps everything at arms-length. It's much neater and less dangerous and I am more inclined to tackle things like that.