Prayer Request

The neonatologist had some concerns over the shape of Owen's head. He did an x-ray and found that the top plates of his head seem to have fused prematurely in one spot. Obviously, they still need to shift and expand as he grows, so on Monday we are going to see a pediatric neurosurgeon at UMC to do some further tests and see if they are truly fused. If they are, a "minor" surgery will be done and the plates will be separated again. Naturally, we are concerned because no surgery is minor when it involves your baby!

Tuan ran into our friend Jon Davis who is a neurosurgeon and asked him about this. Jon assured Tuan that this really is a simple sort of procedure so we are hopeful either way but would greatly appreciate all of your prayers!


Joey and Elizabeth said...

We will most definitely be saying big prayers for y'all. Please do let us know what the neurosurgeon says. We love y'all!!!

Em and her BOYS!! said...

We will be praying for y'all. I know from experience how difficult it is to take your week old baby to UMC to see a specialist...no matter how "simple" the problem may be. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know!!! This will just be a part of Owen's story that God is already weaving.

Gracie said...

We will be praying too. Can't wait to meet Owen! We are headed out of town tomorrow but when we get back i would love to bring you some food! I saw i a recipe that made me think of you- i think you would appreciate it, it involves avocados!