Life in La Land from A-Z

A-My sweet A and I had a girl's day of shopping and running errands. We so rarely have just girl time--it was a fun day!

B-Our first year to have an abundant basil crop! We are enjoying it very much!

C-Camp is just as much a time of growth and challenges and joy as it ever was--and I'm not even on staff!

D-I sure do wish we had a dog. : ( Unfortunately it is against the rules . . .

E-Eggplant, the. That's what we call our oddly-colored Sienna. It does not qualify as a Swagger Waggon

F-Tuan went fishing and caught some bream which he grilled instead of fried. They were some of the best fish I've ever eaten.

G-Giggling over this YouTube video about "Flea Market/Montgomery/It's Just Like a Mini-Mal"l. Watch the video and then go to a furniture store. Kind of like Napoleon Dynamite: you'll laugh later.

H-I'm thankful for the Children's Hospital and the great care baby O received there and even more thankful to not be there!

I-I love pens with thick, flowing ink!

J-Our J turned four in May. He is a delight. This week, we had a babysitter for an afternoon and took him to play at camp with just mommy and daddy. He was so excited and got to do the ropes course for the first time!

K-The Kammers are some of my favorite people! I've gotten to spend time with Christina and Ashleigh these past two weeks--always a treat!

L-the Living Room is the center of my decorating obsession these days . . .

M-My sister Melissa had gallbladder surgery and I'm so glad she is doing well!

N-Netflix Instant Streaming has been so much fun. The astounding number of movies you can watch on it are astounding.

O-Baby O is recovering well and such a fun baby. He blabbers and drools and stares intently at things. We are enjoying him so much.

P-My husband, Kevin and Aubrey have done a fabulous job with the camp program! The lion's den and fiery furnace are unbelievably realistic!

Q-Quiet Time at our house is a blessing, indeed!

R-Ribs are one of the most amazing foods ever and Rind-On bacon is weird. I'll be sure to not buy that next time.

S-Sugar. I'm completely off of sugar and starches indefinitely. It's been a challenge and there have been lots of temptations, but I feel great! (now that I've detoxed)

T-Tomatoes--in season tomatoes are so delectable!

U-"Uh, what!?" my reaction when I awoke during naptime to find one of our neighbor's kids in our hallway.

V-The Victorian Veronica couch by Bernhardt --I think I've found my couch!

W-My brother, Warren is turning sixteen on Monday--I cannot believe he's that old!

X-X-rays are expensive.

Y-Yes to the Dress-I am utterly addicted to that show and have been watching it on Netflix.

Z-Last week during day camp we had a petting Zoo come for a visit! The kids were enchanted with the baby monkey who wore a diaper. I liked the baby yak!


Gracie said...

I loved this post! Wondering what rind-on bacon is. I'm glad you have an abundant basil crop...mine is quite dismal I am afraid.

Guess who is done with IBC?! Me! Can we hang out soon? Dirt cheap??

guitta chaiban hogue said...

really enjoyed the unique update. fun. Why are you off sugar and a big "Good for You", too. everytime i watch "Say Yes to the Dress" I wish I were having another wedding so I could try on wedding dresses. So fun.