Family Date Night!

Every so often Tuan and I will be laying around the house between the hours of four and five. He, just returned from work, and I, zonked out from the day will collapse in the living room with zero motivation for supper or cooking. ( I am blessed to have a husband who cooks, too!) These are the sorts of evenings when we end up going into town for supper and often to run errands--with all the kids.

Dates with the two of us are few and far between, for various reasons, and we treasure them when they come. But, there is a terrific, wonderful refreshing time to be had out on the town with all the kids in tow. A change of pace, a breath of fresh air. Time to talk in the car and not cook or clean up supper. Sometimes it's Mexican and Wal-mart, other times Chik-fil-A and Target. Oh, and Bass Pro at Christmas!

We really enjoy our kids--'specially when we're together! I'm so glad we take them places and do things. It is usually pretty successful and fun. I hope this establishes a pattern of "family time" that continues through adolescence and adulthood.


Gracie said...

I really liked this post...hope the we have a family like this one day!!

Joey and Elizabeth said...

I agree :) This post made me smile!

Amanda said...

This excites me . . . It's good for people without kids to hear that having them is fun instead of 100 liability all the time. You wouldn't believe the attitudes people have towards kids -- so sad!

It's just good to hear the positive. I overheard a couple (without kids) exclaim in surprise when our friends put their baby to bed at seven: "You mean, you put it to bed and have the whole evening to yourselves? It goes to bed that earlY??" Laugh . . . So funny. (They're pregnant now.)