"Taking it Easy"

We have had a crazy, crazy week-plus. I do mean crazy! Consider: three at the doctor (at once!), croup+double ear infection, the kids' first football game, out of town two separate nights, a charity banquet, speech therapy, a wedding shower, staying up until three am to get ready for the shower, an awful allergy attack turned sinus infection, on-call for jury duty, a luncheon, Bible Study, Church, 7+ hours on the road . . . . and now a peculiar rash on J that will take us to the pediatrician this afternoon.

Usually three kids is enough busy-ness for us and we do not schedule very much else, so this was unbelievable. I've been "under-the-weather" since Sunday night with one of the worst allergy attacks of my life now turned sinus infection that is just wiping me out. I've been trying to take it easy, but am humored by what that looks like compared to my child-free days.

Sick as a child/teen meant bed/tv/chicken and stars soup with saltines and being tucked in by Mama. (And missing school!)

Sick in college meant missing some school, and toughing it out alone in my dorm/apartment/house with a Pride and Predjudice marathon and most likely minestrone soup. Of course there were times when I still had to work through the blech--no fun.

Sick as a "young married" was probably the nicest circumstances although the worst illness to date (mono/strep for a month). It involved Pride and Prejudice, the Fellowship of the Ring, Mitford Books, baths, a cozy bed and Tuan cooking soups for me. : )

Sick as a Mom . . . . means trying to take it easy but not really because you can't really stop and sleep it away or take a hot bath or watch Pride and Prejudice for hours. Particularly when Tuan cannot get away, I am really on my own.

Sick as a Mom involves coloring at the table for an hour since it involves no movement and keeps the kids occupied. It means laying on the couch like a sack of potatoes while a Barney/Thomas/Backyardigans marathon plays, then falling asleep and suddenly waking up with a toddler "exploring in the kitchen and your four-year old in your face begging for milk. It involves barricading yourself and the kids in one bedroom so you can sleep while they play and bring you "spaghetti" and "coffee". It also means laundry, dishes, diapers, and scraping together meals, while letting other things slide.

I am not complaining (promise!), just contemplating. I am really, really thankful that this is only a mild affliction and I am able to move around and do a little. I am really, really thankful for proper, early bedtimes, a big bathrobe and Netflix in the evenings. And, I am really, really thankful for play-doh which is keeping the kiddos quite occupied and happy!

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