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I remember attending an RUF girls Bible study taught by a very wise woman who advised us that there were just some days out of the month where it was okay to let things go, to give yourself grace and plan for those days. With baby O and Miss A having had the stomach bug this week (three sheet changes for one child alone last night!) and myself feeling a bit achy, this is a perfect day to follow her advice . . . so between the endless loads of laundry and general must-dos and sporadic pick-ups, I am indulging in one of those days!

The big kids are in and out making mudpies and O is sleeping. Miss A may or may not be wearing day clothes. I may or may not have taken advantage of the fact thatTangled is on Netflix this morning. (I have a Netflix and I'm not afraid to use it!)
In the peace and quiet, it seemed like a good time to post pictures!

My Aunt and Uncle have a really great "cabin" on the Choctawhatchee Bay (between Sandestin and Seaside). They are so generous and kind to let us use it and after our post-camp stomach flu awfulness, we were grateful to get away for some rest and relaxation. The porch is one of our favorite places.

The kids already know how to lounge:
with food, of course.
All that's missing is a great book!

I love these little legs and feet!

Lazy days on the bay are perfect for making sea shell mudpies.

Miss A was quite creative!

Gumbo? I dunno . . .

T and the kids built some fun sand spires.
The beach wasn't as atmospheric as
the photo suggests!

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Caroline said...

I love all these photos, especially the seashell mud pies!