Real Work

Today, I:

1. Played Zelda with my family
2. Prepared, served and cleaned up breakfast
3. Taught my oldest children while tending a two year-old
4. Mowed our yard with a push mower.
5. Vacuumed and spot cleaned all the upholstery in our living room
6. Vacuumed and tidied the entire house
7. Cleaned two bathrooms
8. Dusted our bedroom
9. Put away two baskets full of laundry
10. Helped bathe the kids
11. Spent time with my children and am about to spend some time with my spouse.

Good gravy, I'm tired. I'd hate to know what "real work" feels like as apparently stay at home moms don't do any "real work." : )

Ps. This is NOT intended as a boast. It was an exceptionally busy day. I do, however take offense at the implication that a stay a home mom doesn't do real work.

1 comment:

Elizabeth Smith said...

Yikes how'd you fit all that in?!?!?!? I vacuumed the whole house yesterday and did some laundry... And I thought that was pretty wonderful!