Happy Birthday to the Ground (I mean, to my husband)!

Today my beloved husband turns 32! Happy birthday, babe! I'm going to indulge in naming a few of the gazillion reasons I'm crazy about and thankful for my spouse:

1. He is tender and compassionate, patient and long-suffering (I'm sure this is why we're still married 'cause I tend to go the opposite directions).

2. He has a servant's heart and considers nothing beneath him as he labors for me, the kids and the Lord.

3. He is content to serve and not get the glory.

4. He does not hold grudges.

5. He has integrity, hates injustice and is not content in his struggles with sin.

6. He listens to me when I give advice and has the wisdom to not follow the bad counsel I so frequently offer. : )

7. He listens to me in general--a big deal cause I say a lot!

8. He is amazingly gifted mechanically--he can build, rig or fix just about anything he sets his mind on, be it furniture, gazebos, bellies of the large fish . . . .

9. The man can cook--he can fry, grill, broil, concoct--his abilities make me swoon and of course he LOVES meat--note the above picture. : )

10. There is no one else I'd rather hang out with, work alongside with, bicker with, laugh with, tease, pester or love than this manly man--Happy Birthday, T!

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Joey and Elizabeth said...

This made me smile :) I wish we lived closer to your family!! Maybe one day...
Happy Happy Birthday (late!) Tuan!!!