To the Young People of Today: Things I want to yell on Facebook

I'm always seeing things on FB that make me scratch my head and I just itch to make comments.

First of all: Facebook Drama. Unlike the real world, you don't have to keep people as friends. (Or maybe it is like the real world) That means that if someone is cussing you out on your wall or in the comments on your statuses: YOU CAN DELETE THEM AND REMOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP! It is so easy.

Second of all: Facebook Drama. When you are fed up with whatever drama in your real life is that is apparently overflowing into Facebook and making your life so stressful that  you need to clean up your friend list, announcing it with a post is kind of silly. "I'm so sick of this drama. U r all making me crazy and I'm so sad that I have to do this, but I'm about to clean up my friend list." If you have so much drama in your life already, why create more by announcing that you are going to delete people from your list?

Third: Your relationship with Jesus is dependent upon his love for you and dying on the cross---it doesn't have to be proved by clicking "like". Jesus loves you even if you don't click "like" regarding some stranger's picture of clouds superimposed with Scriptures. Likewise, just because someone posts a picture that moves your heartstrings, you don't have to click like just because they said so, or to prove you would feed a starving child, etc . . .

Fourth: Self-adulation/congratulation. If you post something, be it a status update or a cute picture, then it can be assumed that you "like" it. There's no reason to like your own status--it's like patting yourself on the back.  (Engagement pictures, excepted. : ) )

Fifth: General relationship advice: If you are fighting your so-called friend over a boy who is cheating on her/you about who he loves the most: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!? How is this person worth it? Move on. Move on. Also, just because it's a song lyric, doesn't make it wise advice. Thank you.

I could say more. Perhaps I shouldn't have said this much. Click like if you agree and I'll give you a TBH. ; ) J/K

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