Getting Ready!

T's surgery is next Tuesday, first family for Thanksgiving arrive on Wednesday with the next batch of guests on Monday! We are hosting Thanksgiving and will have a minimum of five cooks cooking all week.
It's lots of fun, but our kitchen had reached a state of deplorable disorder. Today is dedicated to getting things in order, so no one has to ask where things are or what is what.
I was inspired by Edie of LifeinGrace who did an incredible 31 day series on hospitality.
Today's goals: 1. Dedicated beverage center for coffee, tea, cups and glasses. It's next to the fridge--brilliant (!). 2. Baking center with all the staples labeled and close to the bowls, mixer and oven. 3. Tidied up spice cabinet and 4. A Cleaned out pantry.

I also treated myself to brand new glassware. It was a minor splurge at Walmart that has made a HUGE difference. Seeing the non-scratched, shining everyday glasses on the shelf gives me a domestic thrill every time I pass by. I'm also less embarrasses to offer folks a drink! I also bought a package of new dish towels at Sam's. They are a great value (24 for 12.00) I never use paper towels in the kitchen, so our towels take a beating and were pretty grungy. The old ones will go to the storage room for really nasty and outdoor work. Here are some photos of the ( very much still in) progress:


Nicki said...

I know you did not put a skull on the sugar!

Caroline said...

Haha! Love the skull and crossbones!