Looking Ahead....2013

This has been quite a year, but I'm thankful for so much.

Thinking about the year to come, I'm using the word "more" a lot. Personally, I'm hoping for:

1. More grace, patience, long suffering and forgiveness extended towards others.

2. More joy in trial and annoyances.

3. More serving and loving those in need and trial.

4. More Hospitality

5. More relationship building

6. More margin. More staring at the clouds and stars.

7. More cuddles, more singing and more playing with my children.

8. More loving, helping and treasuring Tuan.

9. More family time with our extendeds.

10. More prayer.

11. To be more like Jesus.

12. More exercise and time outdoors.

13. More reading.

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my name is elizabeth said...

I love this post and I love you!