Morning Wild

Ah...breakfast. Especially crazy today. I ended up with Applesauce all over the floor because Miss A thought placing the jar on my forearm an acceptable method of "passing" the applesauce. Applesauce on the wall, chair, floor...and, as I later discovered: my back.
Then, as I was frantically preparing to feed a disgruntled baby R, I heard a bangito crashito and Mr. O, in his 'cross-the-table-reach-for-cinnamon had knocked over a beautiful cup of organic milk all over the floor.
In situations like these, I am learning to give thanks and in this case, I was thankful that the floor had not been mopped recently and that we had milk to spill.
I've been feeding baby R as I type and a few more crisis of a domestic nature have occurred...must go!

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