I'm not sure what it is about our son, but whenever Tuan and I go to ethnic restaurants, he is absolutely adored by the wait staff. A few weeks ago we were at El Ranchito in Richland and our waiter and the hostess hovered over Johnny and even picked him up out of the high chair and passed him around. The same thing happened at Ichiban (which is a GREAT sushi buffet, by the way). Our waitress picked up Johnny (without asking, but it was okay) and carried him around and even took him to the host stand to show him off (she did ask to do that). I don't mind people holding him at all, but I do watch him pretty closely. I've seen too many movies that I'm paranoid Johnny will be whisked into the kitchen and out the back door to a waiting car, sold to rich people who desperately want a baby . . . I have a way too overactive imagination. :) That is why I do not stay the night at our house alone, it is also why Tuan has promised to never ever try to scare me as a practical joke. I just can't handle it.

We are having an Italian night here, I am baking foccacia and we are going to make homemade Alfredo sauce for the first time ever. It's quite exciting.

We also went to the barn to scrounge for manure. I have a flower bed that I built which needs something besides hard clay in it. I'm too cheap to buy soil for a yard that I don't own, so at least yearly we go to the TL barn and return with cartloads. Last fall, when I was three months pregnant I hauled about eleven tubs of seasoned manure to our flower beds and it really has made a difference. I think I nested early on in pregnancy.

Isn't this weather wonderful? We've had the windows open all day and Johnny jumped in his jumper which we hung outside on the porch. He likes the outdoors. Good thing, too because he'll be outside a LOT this summer.

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Sounds like you've read too many books on the Lindbergh kidnapping! (And it's now 6:30 AM, NOT 4:30!)