Spiritual Warfare and Thankfulness

There is some real spiritual warfare going on at our church. It's not exactly a boiling fiery mess, but more of a very long-cooking simmering stew. Small church problems are so uniquely different from big church ones. (At least from my perspective) I talked to an older woman about it last night and no. 1 It made me very thankful for my circumstances and 2. It spurred me to pray fervently. I am beginnning to see just how God may use Tuan and myself at our church in the long-run. John Piper once said:

"Until we believe that life is war, we'll never know what prayer is for."

Spiritual warfare is something that I, as a Presbyterian, tend to dismiss or not think of, but it is oh, so real. And the verse about "the sins of the fathers going down to the third and fourth generation" is so very true.
Whenever I get discouraged at Mt. Olive, or just plain tired of driving that far on Sundays and forsaking my beloved Sunday afternoon naps, God either gives us a really great breakthough or a pointed something that persuades us that we belong there. It also keeps me connected to Granny and gives us time with her. There are days when I long for the comfortable bliss and ignorance of being one in several hundred at a large church, but then I think about our church kids and the incredible opportunity we have, well . . . .

I am so thankful for my family--both immediate and extended. We are a messy group of people, but we love each other. I think that we being aware of our "messiness" (to a point) is a good thing. There's no delusion of perfection there.

God, save me from delusions of perfection, so that I would always realize my need of you.
Constantly show me my sins, refine and purify me so that I would be more and more like Jesus.

I am also thankful for Tuan and Johnny. We have a happy, joyful home. When I think of the blessings heaped upon us, it's just amazing. Perfection we lack profoundly, but joy we possess. I love my husband and baby so much.

We've been teaching the kids at our church the Mo Leverett version of "Who is on the Lord's Side?" They LOVE that song. "Let's sing that long song" they are always saying. It's always interesting the songs they really like ("Fruit of The Spirit", "O for a Thousand Tongues", "Come, Christians Join to Sing", "He is Exalted"). When we sing it together, I get very teary-eyed.

Who will stand for justice
in a time of need
Who will hear the poor man
and his children plead
Who will heal the rich man
of his poverty
Who will tell the homeless
of eternity
By Your love and mercy,
and Your grace divine
We are on the Lord's side
We are on the Lord’s side—
Savior, we are Thine!

So, here are the ramblings of Paula La. I have a lot of more trivial and fun things to write about, but this was most pressing on my heart. Please pray for our church.

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