On the road again--watch out for momma bears

We're in the midst of a travel binge. Baton Rouge last weekend, then tommorrow Tuan and I are going to Louisiana with Matt and Andrew to the 3CA (Christian Camping and Conference Association) sectional conference while Johnny goes to Nana's. 3CA sectionals are so fun--it's neat to connect with other people in camping. We return home on Friday, then Tuan leaves for Athens, GA to participate in Wilderness First Responder training. I'll be heading out of town, also, on Sunday evening to Florida. Granny and I are going to go see my folks. Tuan and I have never been apart for so long (eight days!) and I'm already dreading it. Packing up is crazy with Johnny's clothes, paerphanalia and sheets of instructions (yes, I'm a bit thorough with instructions).
I'm learning how deep my love for Johnny is. Today I left his bottle at the house and made it to church with plenty of formula, but no bottle. He was fine until I picked him up from nursery (Tuan was home sick) and started fussing--no wailing--for the bottle. We dashed to the Mt. Olive Dollar General--they had no bottles but I didn't really think I could make it to Magee, so I decided to buy a sippy cup. At that point I was pretty frustrated that the store was out of bottles and more upset that Johnny was hungry and I couldn't do anything about it. I hurried up front and there was a woman waiting to check out and no one at the cash register. In the emotion of the moment I did something I'd probably wanted to do before, but never thought I would. I yelled. Loud. "COULD SOMEBODY PLEASE COME CHECK US OUT!" I belted out before I could stop myself. It got results. I then had to apologize to the poor manager who had no help. But, really, it is a pet peeve of mine when stores have no one at the check-out--I mean, don't they want people to buy their stuff or just steal it?
That wasn't the end of the story, but Johnny ultimately got fed and my motherly anger/guilt were quenched. It's kind of ironic that that whole experience followed a powerful sermon by Andy Berg on sin amongst church-goers and our need of revival. I sort of proved the point with that and other actions. Funny, I was sitting in church thinking, these folks need to hear what Andy is saying, and although I was mentally acknowledging that I did, too, it sank in further after I, the lone person in the dollar general wearing church clothes, went beserk.

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