conspicuous consumption

It's hard not to feel biased against greeks (the college variety, not the actual Greek people). I'm not sure why I feel this was as I know a lot of wonderful folks in sororities--people I truly adore. But after a day of shopping down here in Florida, amongst greek spring-breakers (ole miss, state and gt were some of them), I felt a glimmer of smirky satisfaction as we where whisked ahead of them to our table at the Red Bar. It pays for your dad to be a local. I went into the bathroom at the red bar and this girl had the contents of her purse scattered across the vanity and was cleaning it--"my id is ruined!" she was bemoaning. It came out like, "Maa, eye-dee ius ruwened." Funny.
If anyone who is in a sororoty/fraternity reads this, I'd really like your opinion about it all.

My dad is a contractor down here and works on some amazing projects. One of his condos was in Coastal Living last summer. This morning, he called us to see a condo he was finishing up. Wow. There is a couple from Birmingham whose condo (but I should say "condos" for they have several--all on the same floor). Anyway, they have a suite of condos that dad has been working on and today the designer was putting in the furniture and accessories--I mean, everything was brand new. Walking into the units was like walking into a coastal version of the Pottery Barn catalog. Sigh. I loved it. It also inspired me to re-decorate.

The couple that owns the condo are very well-off (although very nice folks) and sent TONS of furniture that was in the condo to mom and dad's house. Mom and I were so excited when we heard that two trailer-loads of furniture were coming. The crazy thing was that most of it was hardly used, but the designer didn't want to use it. So we're picking through furniture right now. I have no room for anything, and most of it doesn't fit in with the Pottery Barn goes to the Beach look, but it is beautiful and I am trying to figure out how to work two armchairs and an armoire into the addition. Anyone out there need furniture?

Coming to Florida just fuels my inner decorating fire. I get all excited and anxious to paint and slipcover everything. While our house is being worked on, we'll be in Milner lodge and I plan to learn how to slipcover then--I bought fabric for our couch.

But anyway, conspicuous consumption . . . . There's a lot of consumption down here. Granny asked, as we were driving through watercolor and seaside today--do people live here? I think she is amazed that folks have these houses and don't live in them. I'm glad they own all these second homes as it gives my dad a job, but it is amazing at how much money is poured into everything down here and how disposable stuff is--just go to the thrift stores and you'll see pricey furniture discarded because it's gone out of style. There's nothing wrong with having a vacation house. I'd love to myself, but I often wonder how many of these folks who have half million or more dollar second homes tithe or give even close to that amount to missions? Are they (who profess to be believers--and a lot do) doing the work of the church before satisfying self? When the old things pass how many will have a mansion in heaven? I guess these are "fruit" issues more than salvation things, but it bears thinking. It also prompts me to ask if I, although nowhere near these people in income, but still really blessed, am being a good steward with what I have.


Caroline said...

NICE Mr. Collins reference.

I feel inspired to slipcover too! Trouble is I don't have any furniture that needs it, so I'm settling for pillows.

Nate, Christy, Rosalyn and Katie said...

I hope you're having a great time in Florida!! Wish we were there too. No. We haven't found a house and probably can't til June but we're all for getting some furniture - if you know anyone that has any they're just giving a way!!! ;)

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