Buterflies, Pirate Patches and other La Happenings

I have recently been informed by several people that they read my blog, but don't comment. Hmm . . . I have to confess that there are some blogs I read, but don't comment on either--but, anyway, I'm glad someone's reading it!

I saw a t-shirt today. It had butterfly shapes filled with patriotic patterns. The caption on the shirt read:
Butterflies . . . . An American Tradition.

HUH? It goes without saying that that didn't make much sense.

So, anyway, we've had a crazy week and a half here in La-land. A group of ladies and myself at church stealthily re-wallpapered our church nursery and painted all the furniture black. : ) The combination of wall-paper dust, pollen and general fatigue from the previous weeks just knocked me down cold with allergies and a sinus infection. Johnny had been a bit sniffly and then Tuan came down with it. Ugh. To top it off, we had our leadership meeting for camp and a kid's program at church that weekend. I spent all of last week taking care of Johnny and sleeping when he slept. Tuan was wonderful about the lack of deep housecleaning that went on and encouraged me to rest. Things were still a bit sniffly but starting to get better when on Friday, Johnny whacked me in the eye (not the eyelid, the eye). My vision was a bit blurry, and the sun seemed glaringly bright all day and when the evening came, my eyes were so tired and hurting that bedtime was a relief.

Saturday, however, I woke up and couldn't open my eye. It hurt to even open the good one, because the light would make both eyes dilate, and as Clint Wilcke says, "that's bad." We truly thank God that Miss Dorothy was able to come up at a moment's notice to watch Johnny (literally, I couldn't) and that Craven and Bassett were able to host. We went to MEA (I was actually wearing a sleeping mask at that point, to control the pain/dilation, which probably looked suspicious to folks we passed on the road). The doctor found that Johnny had just very thoroughly scratched my eye and put a patch on it. The rest of Saturday was spent asleep, blissfully doped up with pain meds and antihistamine. Sunday, it got better little by little and today I've been able to keep my eyes open, although my vision is blurry, very blurry. A man drove by on a golfcart not ten feet away and I honestly couldn't tell whether it was Matt or Andrew--and that's bad.

Things are better, Johnny and Tuan are well, I'm getting over the crud (thanks to antibiotics that the sympathetic doctor gave me) and Tuan has a few days off coming up. Oh, and the rain has washed away the pollen!! Also, the medicine amped up my obsessive compulsiveness so I got our new kitchen designed in my head when I wasn't sleeping.

Johnny is at this stage where he learns something new every day. He's been working on Dada and saying other words. The other night, Johnny saw the stars for the first time, today, he learned to wave! That's big, folks. He's also been testing his boundaries--my parents can tell you where that hard-headedness comes from--and trying to walk. Johnny's most recent obession has been socks, but they may be soon passed by for plastic easter eggs--the perfect cheap baby toy--88c for 12.

I'd love to wrap this up with a wonderful closing paragraph, but frankly, I'm just not inspired. I hope everyone is doing well!


Caroline said...

I hope your eye recovers soon. And I would love to hear about your ideas for the kitchen.

Allison said...

Poor eye! I'm glad it's feeling better already.

Butterflies...last I checked they were not strictly an American thing. It's like saying, "Meat! An American tradition."