Riding the Wave

Wow. Two more days until all of the Summer Stafff arrive. I can't believe it's almost here. We've had sort of a pre-training week this week as the horseback staff, some ropes folks, and some R/A people have been here, along with Scott and sundry others. I came into the week tired, but today I feel (physically) like camp has just ended. That's not good! I was doing pretty well, until a terrible allergy attack, followed by medicine that knocked me down and then kept me up all night before falling into something resembilng sleep around sunrise. I am so thankful Mrs. Dorothy had stayed the night with us. She kept Johnny while I tried to nap and fulfilled a few obligations. I'm taking Sudafed which dopes me up almost as much as zyrtec, but without it my nose would be running like an elf (unlike the dwarf-like runny nose which is a natural sprinter and only lasts a short while--see, I told you I was drugged up). So anyway, here I lie, with a dirty house, program to run, laundry to wash, cookies to bake and two days left. : ) Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise as I am physically resting, if nothing else.
This will probably be my last post for a while, so I wanted to share a few prayer requests with readers and lurkers, alike. It used to irk me when folks would share "unspoken" requests, but I actually have two that I can't detail except for this:

1. Pray for a situation with two friends. Pray for wisdom, sanctification and healing.
2. Pray for me about a situation. It's relational.
3. Pray for our church. There are several things going on under the surface and it seems that any little thing is about to just make things explode.
4. Pray for camp in general, but specifically for me: that I would not neglect my primary responsibilities/joys (Tuan and Johnny), that I would be wise in decision making, that I would really get to know the staff and that I would truly minister to campers and staff this summer. (with my job, it is easy to just view staff/campers as a mass that you move around in order to accomplish the task)

Thanks for all your prayers!

The allergy attack yesterday was begun by something indoors, but then I went horseback riding and that really got it going! I don't regret the ride at all, because some very good things happend for me personally. Several years ago, right before camp, I was riding with some staff and we were galloping down the levee. It was exhilarating, but then I realized my saddle was loose and I was leaning far to the right. Having heard some stories of previous staff who had stayed in the saddle and ended up under the horse due to a loose saddle, and not feeling confident of stopping in time, I decided to jump off. I ended up in horrible pain and had to ride in the ambulance to the hospital.
I've ridden many times since then, and it's been fun, but approaching even a canter has been nerve wracking (especially in open spaces). On yesterday's ride, however, everything changed. I had a good, obedient horse (gandy), for one and we ended up leading some on Twin Lakes road. Trotting in the lead, then slipping into a canter (although only for a few seconds) and being able to slow down because I said so (not because the other horses were) was a huge help. Finally, we reached the levee. Ashleigh, who is such a good friend to me, suggested that I canter on the levee. (Talk about recreating the scene--scary) It was now or never. I agreed and (leading, again) let Gandy go.
Now, for an experienced horseperson, all this was nothing, but for me it was huge. I made it down the levee trotting and cantering (Ash says we galloped a bit, but I think she was just being nice) and passing the spot, I almost cried. How incredibly freeing it was to do that and I absolutely cannot wait to ride again and do some more.
Sonny, Ry and some others raced on the levee and down Twin Lakes road--talk about a beautful sight. Ry, especially, since he was riding Boo bareback.
So that's enough for now, please, please be praying for us!

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I'll be praying for you!