Inspired by Caroline, I made a Simpson's avatar of Tuan. Wouldn't it be fun to do all of the TL staff?

These past few weeks, I've been resting, cleaning and especially mothering. I was briefly sad when camp ended, but having a change of pace for seven weeks made coming back to everyday life so sweet. It has been wonderful to play with Johnny, read books whenever he wants, play "piggies" with his toes and go to the pool without having to worry about camp duties! Even the first grocery run to wal-mart was fun. I was thinking to myself: "I am at wal-mart and am not looking for fifteen cases of gatorade, ten containers of tennis balls and a ph test kit for aquariums--I only have to buy milk and eggs--this is great!"

We move out of our house on August 15 and into the lodge--that's when renovations begin on our house. I've designed the kitchen and am so excited about it! Imagine, having a kitchen just how you want it to be! I feel very blessed. I began packing the other day (we have a lot to store) and am trying to leave out essentials. All of our glassware got packed, with the exception of a few mugs and some asstd plastic cups. Yesterday, out of desperation, I drank milk from a coffee mug. This was a huge moment for me. I NEVER drink milk from a non-transparent glass container, nor do I drink anything but hot beverages from a mug. That's one of those things that personally disgust me to the core. The glass thing is due to paranoia about the cup being dirty and me not realizing it until I drain the last drop. That happened at a friend's house once. They were scrupulously clean people but the cup had some dishwasher residue in it and, well . . . there you go. As for the mugs--I really dislike mugs (even ones that match my dishware).

We had kids from our church out yesterday for a before school bash (john, abby and camille for those of you who know them). Mrs. D. kept Johnny in the morning and I took them swimming in the pool and the lake. It was really fun to have them. I laughed a lot and enjoyed having a chance to play with older kids. We also went for a golf-cart ride and they played Uno and canoed with "Mr. Tuan."

Johnny stayed with my Mom and brother last night (they are up at Melissa's) and I was planning to sleep in--wouldn't ya know, I woke up at 7:30? There are some things I've been wanting to do that aren't so easy with Johnny, so today I'm going to go to the library, run errands and maybe even brave the Hudson's on Terry Road (scary).

Where does dispensational housekeeping fit into this? Well, I've been a little lax about wiping down my cupboards and mopping my floor lately. I mean, they are about to be torn out and destroyed, right? I was telling Zack Owens about this new philosphy and he compared me to a dispensationalist who doesn't worry about social justice/work because Jesus is coming back really soon. (something like that) So, for another 13 days, that's just what I'll be: a dispensationalist housekeeper.

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Caroline said...

I saw The Simpsons Movie. It was fun, but not as much fun as making avatars.

You live at Twin Lakes and are getting a custom-designed kitchen; all your dreams are coming true!