I bet you think this post is about you.

Isn't it funny how out-of-the-blue things come into your life in spurts, and then disapear?

The Carly Simon song, "You're so Vain" keeps popping up in my life! I don't think I've ever actually heard her sing it. I only know it because Liv Taylor did a banjo version of it on his great hit, "Songs that Should Never be Played on the Banjo." Anyway, it's popped up on the 'net, in conversations and I picked up a CD the other day that had it. Perhaps God is trying to tell me something?

Yesterday, Johnny was being a "poisonous viper in a covenant diaper." In short, he was an especially sinful little covenant
child. I said something about, "O, he's just full of sin like the rest of us." My Aunt replied, "naahh." I wish I'd pursued the conversation, but it ended there. Later, it lead me to think through the concepts of original sin and how the idea that a baby being a sinner (and the full implications of that) could be a terrifying thought depending on your presuppositions. I believe that the Bible teaches that I am no more capable than a baby of willingly turning and believing in God. Salvation comes entirely from Him. Surely, if God can change my wicked heart and draw me to him, he can do that with a baby!

I was writing all of this not to spark a debate about infants and salvation, but because ultimately, I was reflecting on how our presuppositions affect our entire outlook on the world. Lord-willing, the Bible is at the root of what I believe and I think that affects my political views, too. Take for instance the whole idea of poverty and wealth. It seems liberals want everyone to be comfortable and get an education, but God forbid they should make too much money with that education! Granted, I want to be comfortable and I definitely have "caviar taste on a beer budget," but ultimately, whether rich or poor, I know that I deserve none of my blessings! I also know where my treasure lies.

It also makes me think that totally free enterprise doesn't produce humane results. There have to be laws to ensure that employees are treated fairly, because man is sinful and without guidelines will ultimately do what is most profitable for him, and not his neighbor. Along this same vein of the sinful nature, I am convinced that world peace is impossible. Even if the whole world were converted, until Jesus comes back there will be no peace between man and man. Not even in his church (as we have daily proof).

I'm sure this is full of error and fawlty logic, but these are the thoughts of a flawed human being! Let me know what you think, reader.

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