Big Day, Today

It's crazily weird how close camp is. The horses arrived yesterday and we drove over to the barn after church to see them. They were standing in the dark, sleeping and gave us strange looks as we scoped them out. I think there is a pony this year. There is also a white horse. Usually they mean trouble: Do Creme and White Fang ring any bells for you old-timers? I don't know if my beloved horse Gandy (short for Gandalf) is back, though.

The arrival of the horses is big. That means camp is really, truly here. Wranglers arrive this morning and my program posse (Scott and Myles) arrive today. Please pray for us as we make final decisions and plan our training week stuff. Also exciting is this morning: Johnny and Aubrey have check-ups this morning. I've never taken them both together, so we're in for an interesting and new experience at least!

I love this time of year. The air is full of promise, my adrenaline is pumping, so many exciting things are happening at TL and it's still a bit cool outside--oh, and the garden is green! If there is weather in Heaven, I wish it were always spring.

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