Wow. We have been so incredibly busy. This is our third week of camp. (one week of pre-camp program prep, staff training, and now we're into overnight 1)

I'm enjoying some of my first time off. Tuan and I had a date and now we're home with the kids. I'm very tired but so encouraged by camp and the wonderful staff we have. This summer has been interesting. I've struggled with discouragement and frustration--no small irony since we're dealing with Joseph and his journey into the pit and out to Egypt. Despite the difficulties, camp is going so well. Most of my grievances are very petty and I remember from past summers that difficulties and times of trial are usually looked back on as times of great growth--so grow me, Jesus!

There is a lot to say, but I want to take advantage of an early bed-time--after I tell you all a quick story about Johnny. He's been transitioning into his big-boy bed little by little. (He really likes to sneak out of it and play) Being a child after my own heart, Johnny moves his furniture around daily and the other night, Tuan neglected to push his crib away from the big-boy bed and back up against the wall. He later heard Johnny crying, went in and found him in his crib. Johnny had climbed into his crib via the big-boy bed and gotten stuck! It was so funny.

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