on the lighter side

Lest my readers fear that this blog has taken a turn for the melancholy and pessimistic road, I am posting with the intent of being much more cheerful and sharing some photos! We are doing well these days. The kids and house keep me pretty busy, but I have been working on a quilt for Aubrey that I'm very excited about! It's my second (if you don't include dollhouse quilts!), and I'm having so much fun working on it. We got some Seinfeld seasons from Tuan's folks, so I've been quilting and watching Seinfeld--I never really watched them back in the day, and it's been fun to finally understand all of the Seinfeld references that have entered into popular culture!

Johnny is just growing and blossoming! He's hit the twos emotionally which can be baffling. "Why are you crying, Johnny?" (five minutes later) "Oh, I see, you're crying because you want some soy sauce on your pasta--how silly of us to not know that!" Apart from the emotions, things are pretty smooth. He is taking a cue from Thomas and learning to be "really useful." If you exist in the universe of Sodor and are a train instead of a human, being "Really Useful" is the pinnacle of compliments. Johnny helps me unload the dishwasher, picks up toys so we can vacum (sp?), throws away trash and fetches things. I'm so proud of him! I hope that these will become habits and as he grows he'll just do them when asked.

Aubrey Sue is just eating up a storm and laughing and making us laugh. She LOVES and adores Johnny. Anything he does is funny and worth watching. She actually sleeps better when he is in the room! Aubrey also likes to touch, taste and bite things. She's going to be a very tactile learner, I think. She turned seven months yesterday--it's so hard to believe we've only had her with us seven months! I think back to those hard and uncertain days in the NICU and am so thankful for her health and presence! As hard as it was, it taught me to value my children and not take anything for granted.

I'm posting some pictures via a Facebook link. At some point, I'll label them, but I need to run. Tuan desperately wanted a digital camera so he could take pictures unhindered by film and costs. Let me tell you all that he does! We have hundreds of photos of the kids and they are all cute! One day we'll sort them and get them developed--one day . . . . Enjoy the photos.

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davidhogue said...

You're a great writer, Paula. Guitta and I enjoy reading what's going on with the four of y'all. Sorry about the frustration expressed in your former post. It's tough having your motives judged by another person.

By the way, "Peace, be still" in Latin is "Tacete, obmutesce." "Tacete" means "be quiet" and "obmutesce" means "to become speechless, to cease."