Musical Discoveries

Tuan and I are both music people. I like playing the piano and guitar, love hymns and listening to music. I remember words forever once I learn them, but I am not big on having music playing in the background and definitely cannot think or carry on a conversation while listening to music.

Tuan loves music as well, loves it in the car, in the background, doesn't mind singing, but his musical memory is short. He has a hard time remembering lyrics. I think this is why he listens to the same stuff over and over. Granted, I have my favorites, but because I don't listen to them as background filler, they stay fresher. This is why I'm still listening to Third Day stuff from the nineties, among other things. : )

The car is typically our battleground and some time back, I just sort of lost it and drew the line: "Tuan, I don't want to hear the voices of Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Matthew Smith, or any other person related to Caedmon's, or Indelible Grace! And for that matter, could we please give up Nickel Creek for a while!!!!!!" Frankly, I had listened to them so many times that it was all grating and annoying--and I do like all of the artists/groups above--that I was really afraid of becoming completely soured and forgetting why I liked them in the first place.

My sweet husband aquiesed and decided to acquire some new music. Okay, "new" to us music. Those of you who read this blog will scoff in wonder and dismay that we are just now listening to Sufjan, Switchfoot, Coldplay, Wendell, the Red Mountain Church stuff and the-guy-from-Switchfoot-who-went-solo or something like that. I feel no guilt--except about Wendell because he's like a brother to me and I should have gotten his stuff way long ago. Frankly, I'm too occupied with other things to stay current and buy CDS, but I have thoroughly enjoyed all of these albums. Wendell's especially is stuck in my head in a good sort of way. It seems that staying current isn't the most important thing: listening to good music is--whether it's today, yesterday or nostalgia. That's why I still love Carole King's Tapestry album, DC Talk, 3rd Day--it's just good music!

So, I would love suggestions for future music. You know, for when I turn to Tuan and say, "I can't stand that Sufjan any longer!"


guitta chaiban hogue said...

has the ever beautiful sound of U2 escaped the Las? great sound, thought provoking and pensive lyrics, passionate voices and 3 decades of music to choose from.

David said...

I like Six Pence None the Richer and Eisley. Youtube is a lovely place to try out new music, by the way.

Did you know that Third Day is playing at the MC Coliseum November 23? The cost is $25 in advance.