A flurry

Today has been busy and creatively fun. I got hyper (and I do mean hyper) inspired by a blog that Elizabeth (Sanford) Smith linked to. The Nester has reminded me that decorating can be fun, immediate and doesn't need to be put off. She also inspired me to "mistreat" my windows. "Mistreatments" are basically curtains in a flash--instant gratification, little to no sewing and perfect for people who change their minds and don't really want to commit to one single lined curtain for life! I highly recommend you folks check out her blog. I made a fake roman shade for J/A's room in less than five minutes (with ironing) today. Does it "work" as in go up and down? No. Do I care? Not at all. I'm just so glad to have something pretty on that window.

See, I'm a perfectionist, which means that had I actually sewn the blinds, I'd have spent days on them. With little ones, I would be snatching time here and there, letting the house go and just exasperating Tuan. So, there you go, fake roman mistreatments preserve domestic bliss!

Tuan had today off--so nice!-- we went on a date last night and got some project materials. Today was one of those "perfect" days. It was a good combination of projects, good coffee and rest. Plus, the house is mostly picked up. I even polished the kitchen sink. (Tuan brought in a dirty bottle after I had finished, so I just hid it to keep my sink pretty--terrible, huh?)

Speaking of everything and now the kitchen sink: I am achingly longing for a new faucet. Ours is a hideous builder's standard faucet that seems to be designed for catching gunk. Why women aren't contractors, I'll never know. A woman contractor would never settle for unadorned hollow core doors, flat paint in a home where children live, or nasty faucets. All that to say, is I'm hoping and praying for a pretty faucet to stumble across my path at a junk store or Hudson's.

Finally, I am motivating myself to blog more: particularly about house, projects, children and our culinary adventures in the kitchen. Hopefully I'll even post photos. For those of you who read my blog (and I know you do!) I would love it if you would de-lurk. Some folks I know of and others I don't.

The point of my blog is to share things, so really and truly, don't be embarrassed to admit that you barely know me and read it. I read all kinds of folks blogs. Now that I've said that, I'm going to go on a delurking journey through the blogosphere.

Goodnight and happy Sabbath!


Caroline said...

Yes, take pictures! I would love to see what you're working on.

Joey and Elizabeth said...

I LOVE it!!! Can't wait for pictures!!!!

Nicki said...

I feel the same way about our faucet!! And sadly, our previous house had a beautiful one, which makes it worse!

megumi said...

Hurray for Hudsons!