I just realized that while my blog is called Gourds are Gorgeous and Organic, I have a collage of buttons in green and red and white, which are not at all gourd colors. Nor does the address: bodene have anything to do with gourds. I have some major consistency (is that the right way to spell the consistency of which I speak?) issues here people.

I also spoke last week (OH, so optimistically) of posting photos. But, my hard drive is full and our burner is broken which means I haven't been able to upload any photos to our computer in a while. Alas, poor Yorick!

Things are being done and projects are being tackled, but mostly people, I have been sick. The yucky, deceptive, vicious crud. When the pines are dusted with the chartruese pollen, I am made sick.

Spring is wonderful, but certain portions of spring are very, very bad on this allergy suffering woman. My mother in law has a beautiful yard, planted with gorgeous flowers, backed with a stunning rye grass field and ringed with pine plantations. Need I say that the very MOMENT I get out of the car to visit her in the spring, I begin sneezing and the rest of the visit is spent one of two ways: Option one: sneezing and blowing my marathon/sprinting runner of a nose on whatever is handy. (Generally rough paper towels, 'cause the angel soft just doesn't hold up). Option two: take any of those remarkable otc anti-histamines and promptly go to sleep for the duration of the visit. Not only am I insanely allergic to spring, but I am insanely sensitive to any and all antihistamines. I talking about weak, floppy limbs, fuzzy-headedness, inability to operate machinery, sleeping for days on ONE DOSE.

If I were a super hero, I'd be Paula the Immune. I never, ever, catch anything contagious. I could go into nasty bathrooms, empty trash cans, mop floors, baby-sit snotty children (wait, I did all of that in college!) and never get sick. But, all the evil axis of anti-superheros would have to do to bring me down is dust me with pollen and rye grass and/or slip some benadryl, zyrtec, claritin or allegra into my beverages. Then, I'd be a goner.

Yep. So . . . I am sick. I feel okay as long as I'm sitting or lying down. The moment I stand up, it's all over. This isn't very conducive to caring for children or keeping up with laundry. Johnny keeps taking off his diaper and wetting the bed. I'm out of crib sheets and who knows when they'll make it into the wash--the line is so long. I have learned that you can make up a bed with a sari, or a king size fitted sheet if necessary. I can laugh at tomorrow however, 'cause the kids are going to my moms and she has clean crib sheets. Lord-willing, I can down some nyquil or other miracle drugs and sleep this sinus crud off.

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megumi said...

you could live in a germ free bubble or a biohazard jumpsuit?