Bargain of the week

Dirt Cheap in Collins, Hattiesburg, and most likely Magee and other locations is selling Lands End bathing suits at a great price right now!

For fifteen dollars I got this top (in turquoise) and three different bottoms. That was the TOTAL. There are lots of sizes and styles and options. Each piece is priced at 3.50, but you do have to dig through the pile to find your size and style. Lands End suits are amazing and have lots of modest options. I would have spent well over a hundred dollars ordering all these through Lands End. It's definitely worth a trip down south.

I am always glad to accompany people to Dirt Cheap--so, if any of my faithful readers need a tour guide . . . .


Joey and Elizabeth said...

I WANT ONE!!! And I need one...badly! Haven't bought a bathing suit since I worked at Twin Lakes two, three years ago...sad. Luckily we're coming in this weekend for a SUPER quick trip. I may run by in Magee & hunt for one!!!

Gracie said...

I LOVE dirt cheap!! When i lived in Starkville I went all the time and actually bought about 6 swimsuits. I would dig through the mounds!! They even got down to about 25 cents a piece. Congrats on your find!!

I have been stalking your blog and thought i would finally comment :)
-Susie Long