Green and Copper

That is what I love. Green and copper make my heart sing. Somewhere along the road of decorating I had forgotten that. Green is my absolute favorite color for decorating. Excepting a changing table, though, there is no green furniture in my house! I'm going back to it now. I just painted my kitchen chairs mint green. I was hoping it would look more celadon, but mint rocks, plus it kind of glows at night!

I need to paint my table now. It's a fake farmhouse table that we pulled out of a dumpster. You know the butcher block wood with the turned legs. They are prolific. I love the shape, but the black legs with the wood top on top of a bamboo floor are just kind of tired. I am thinking red!

My question is: should my table be red on top and bottom or just red on the bottom and a white top? Am I crazy for wanting a red table? I can't leave it black 'cause it will cause me to think of mint chocolate chip constantly--and that's not a good thing.
The lady I boarded with in college had a red table and chairs in her breakfast room and they were such a comforting and familiar thing.

Anyway, folks. Please leave input. Also, pray that I get twenty thousand things done in the next twelve hours. Including a birthday party, trip to Wal-mart, Dirt Cheap, 90 minutes of driving and possibly painting more furniture.


Caroline said...

If anyone can do it, you can.

megumi said...

the top should be natural wood - take the paint off + red legs!!!