Hi everyone,
Wanted to ask for more prayers for my father-in-law. For those of you who don't know, he became very ill several weeks ago. After a lot of tests, he was diagnosed with a viral encephalitis. Things seemed to be on the upswing and he was released roughly two weeks ago.

Yesterday, he took a downturn. He had been hallucinating and now his infection is back and worse. We are just kind of waiting for another spinal tap and more tests right now. I'm hearing everything second hand, but until they know more, it is being treated as though it were the worst type of encephalitis. Please pray for him, for my mother-in-law and for all of us that we would know the right things to say and do.


David said...

We will be praying.

Joey and Elizabeth said...

My mother had mentioned he was in the hospital. Please keep us updated, and we will definitely keep all of you in our prayers!