A Truly Useful Bargain!

I've discovered a terribly fun blog. Meredith at Like Merchant Ships is a woman after my own heart: frugal, but loving beautiful things. She's got me rather renewed in my quest for frugality. Going shopping with J/A has stifled a lot of my bargain hunting. The logistics of getting them in and out of car seats and into a store and out has me pretty set to only hit one place for groceries and goods, rather than hopping around. HOWEVER, I found a great spot that warrants and extra visit and I can hit it once a month and satisfy our needs.

The Colonial/Sara Lee/Earthgrains bread outlet on Hwy 49 is most excellent. I stocked up on Sara Lee Whole Wheat English muffins, and Earthgrains, double fiber, whole grain breads at unbelievable prices.

Here's the run down:

$ 1.09 Sarah Lee Whole Wheat English Muffins (Buy one get one)
1.09 Earthgrains bread
1.09 ditto
1.09 ditto
$ 4.87 Grand Total!!

I looked for comparable breads at Kroger. They sold their whole grain breads for around $3.36. I'm not sure how much english muffins are--maybe two dollars? So, I could have purchased the equivalent at Kroger for $14.08. That's a difference of $ 9.21. I think saving/earning ten dollars by making that extra stop is absolutely worth it. The bread is still fresh and I freeze my bread anyway. It's also great to buy bread with a dually clear conscience (whole grain and inexpensive). Hope someone else checks it out!

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Joey and Elizabeth said...

I remember many a time driving back from Ole Miss & my mom requesting some bread from there! Maybe they'll have one in Georgia.....