No Life Without Wife

That's from Bride and Prejudice, the Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice. I think everyone should see it. Tuan thinks it should be burned.

I digress; this post has nothing to do with that title except that I am a wife and I have a life that is busy. On the first day of staff training I was all excited about the summer and planning these long lazy days of camp activity and domestic projects. Oh, the domestic projects I planned!

The reality is that the days are flying by, as are the hours. A good friend once suggested I divide my days into three segments and plan one thing for each segment. That's such good advice.

One day painting and sewing and real thorough laundry is going to happen. But not today! And definitely not yesterday.

When I woke up yesterday morning, life felt good and promising. Johnny had gotten up early and come and crashed in our bed with us. This meant that he would sleep late as would Aubrey. "Today," I said to myself, "today, I am going to tackle these two loads of laundry, clean up my bedroom, feed the kids a good, healthy breakfast and indulge in a project before we go out to dinner with friends." Life felt promising and our bed felt so good and cozy--sleeping on top of a feather bed and underneath a down duvet, with my head on down pillows and sandwiched between all that my soft cotton sheets--what bliss! I rather luxuriated in that comfort and thought pleasantly about the day as I contemplated getting up. Just then, Johnny let out an unremarkable noise and I reached my hand over to find that his training pants had completely and utterly failed in absorbency. It was like a dam has broken and the reservoir was all over my down comforter, down featherbed and sheets. I threw him off the bed (gently) and into the tub and began the long, day-long process of washing large down objects. The revised day of Paula La?

quiet time and back to bed

Wake up

strip bed

begin laundering duvet/featherbed

bathe Johnny

change aubrey

prepare and serve breakfast: watermelon, tomato, fried eggs and chai tea (for me)

check laundry, put fb in dryer

clean kitchen

deadhead flowers

straighten living room

Aubrey down for nap

check laundryput fb back in dryer

build train tracks with Johnny

check laundry put fb back in dryer

check facebook, look for recipe for tired fruit and fold clothes

put fb back in dryer

get absorbed in reading blogs

put fb back in dryer

Tuan comes home

Lunch at camp

put fb back in dryer

children down for naps

unexpected, but welcome visitor!

Johnny gets up

visitor leaves, johnny down for nap

put fb back in dryer

new unexpected but welcome visitor

get distracted by blogs

pull fb out of dryer and start drying the duvet

Tuan home!

Johnny falls asleep

make nourishing popcorn

Aubrey gets up

get ready to go out

wake Johnny up

go out to eat and to kroger

put fb back in dryer (seriously)

baths, Arrested Develpment and bed.

There was no time for projects, today, sir. Not even for ready money.


Joey and Elizabeth said...

I loved the "put fb back in dryer, seriously." Ha :)
I miss y'all & camp! We're hoping & praying we can swing by the weekend of the 27th...I'll let y'all know!

Caroline said...

No cucumber sandwiches either, it would seem. ;)