The Wood Between the Worlds

That is an imperfect analogy at best, but referencing Lewis and Narnia is so much more fun than a pop culture song!

We are in a state of in-betweenness in our domestic world. In the future (a few months) we will be moving to another camp residence. That means that any decorating progress must be on moveable objects or done with a short-term mindset. I am filled with bittersweet anticipation. I love this house and there are so many things I want to do with it, yet, I am excited about the possibilities of the new place. There's a whole list of pros and cons which I may share later, but suffice it to say, leaving the home where both of our children were first brought home to and to leave the newly renovated place which I prayed to earnestly for and agonized over the details is a bit difficult. Our last spring is done. This is our last summer of watching campers play from our living room windows. My beloved yard will soon be someone else's . . . yeesh. I'm going to stop now before I begin tearing up.

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