Full fridge, an overflowing cup and full plate

I'm so grateful for our life. It definitely has its seasons of busyness and calm. These days the calm seasons seem shorter and fewer, though. (climate change?) In so many ways our cup of blessings is overflowing. Children, home, life, marriage, camp, church--we are so grateful for where God has placed us. 

But right now life is crazy. We are entertaining folks for the next two days, cooking a southern country dinner and a greek meal,  trying to keep the house presentable, going to PT three times a week, Bible Study this am, moving sometime in the next weeks, Tuan's folks are getting married this weekend and every one of us are in the wedding. I feel like Prince Humperdinck--"I'm swamped". Come Monday, much of the craziness will end, but the mess will still be there! Could someone just take my kids on Monday while I sleep? 
[crickets chirping] Didn't think so. : )

At the same time, my fridge is stuffed, bursting. We've cooked a lot lately and have awkward leftovers.  I need to clean it out and we need to eat some things. A full fridge makes me feel like an industrious woman who has planned ahead and at the same time a procratinating over pre-parer of food who didn't quite co-ordinate right.

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