There is something I feel strongly about, but all around me, people who I know and love are in the opposite pole. Since the opposite pole is more vocal, I have as of late felt just overwhelmed about this issue and desperately want to defend myself and my often-misunderstood position. I don't doubt what I believe at all, because I have seen the results and know that they are good results and truly feel that what I'm standing behind is biblical. 

The reality is that it probably would not be helpful or useful for others or myself for me to argue this right now.  I just need to keep my mouth shut and press on--for right now. Later there will be a time for self-defense and hopefully my heart will be in a humbler, more right place.

Can this be any more abstract? I guess Sonny could have written it! (Love you, Sonny) It does feel good to say this much. 

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Alli Kat said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everybody could practice this kind of restraint?

If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, it is certainly a very personal and sometimes emotional issue, and it is SO hard to keep it to "just the facts, Ma'am."

I've been keeping my head down a bit lately too - I got burnt by some thoughtless words and lost a friend because of them (more of an acquaintance, but still), and it's made me reconsider what I say and do and whether the world is made better by my saying it.