Vigorous Women

I am a blog junkie. I love looking into the lives of other women and seeing/reading about how their homes are run, what their daily life is like and the choices they make. As a mother of three under four, I am especially encouraged by those women who are a few years ahead of me with children close together like mine. Some days around here are comparatively easy, but many are hard. It gives me hope to see the potential fruit of my labors via their stories. It makes me look forward to each stage encourages me to see their industry and humbles me, too!

Some of these women are so vigorous and industrious. I have pictures in my head of them birthing a baby and then proceeding onward to canning and a quick homeschooling session--in one day. So not real, I'm sure. Right? Please tell me no one is that amazing?!

It's also easy to fall prey to the illusions of blogging. So many times we only see the good and I've always, always struggled with self-comparison. (She's got this, they do that, her way is much better than mine, why can't I have that gift?). I've been very convicted lately about being more concerned about what others think than what the Lord does. Reading through Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther and Job has reminded me that living a life that pleases Him is much more important than the fear of man.

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guitta chaiban hogue said...

i definitely struggle with this as well. In fact, last week I could have written this very post. I am amazed at other's gifts and at the same time resentful ("Why can't that be me") and once again envy rears its ugly head in my heart. It isn't something that I really focused on putting to death before until now. I never really named these feelings before. I'm more mindful of their sinfulness now. Thanks for sharing.