We are not alone

Oh, no. We've had a quite a posse accompanying us in our daily grind. I'm not sure how many nor do I have specific names, but I can say that "Johnny's Boys" and "Aubrey's Girls" have been a constant presence in our house for the last few weeks. They play, get lost, need crackers, roam in the woods, follow instruction and generally follow our children's leadership. It's been a lot of fun.

We built a firepit area, got the swing and chairs all ready; had one fire, and then, sadly, the burn ban came along. Mr. J is longing to "burn marshmallows". He has, however, used this time wisely by decorating Miss A's face so she resembles MIchael from Peter Pan. I think it fits in nicely with our unseen boys and girls roaming around.

This is a good, enjoyable season of life. Each child is at a uniquely fun age and we are having a ball. The initial, bleary newborn days of juggling and sleep deprivation are passed and there is some (only some, mind you--wouldn't want too much) order. Mr. J is asking a lot of questions about death and life and I am thankful the Bible has the answers to these questions!

Baby O and I are up earlier than the remaining crew--even Tuan is getting some much needed rest this morning and I am enjoying some much-appreciated quiet time. Now, off to tackle some necessary tasks--in blissful quiet!

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