Getting Away

Sometime back in the fall, we were discussing anniversary plans and what to do for our eighth anniversary celebration. Since Tuan has been on full-time staff here, major anniversary celebrations have fallen by the wayside as post-Christmas guest groups and mission trips have been on the front burner. (Along with pregnancies and babies!) I have no complaints about that at all!

This year, though, we decided to do something at some point and agreed he would take the planning and I'd be surprised. (We often take turns planning anniversaries and Valentines).

Boy, did he ever surprise me!

I was expecting something very modest and brief. Tuan went above and beyond my expectations and plotted and schemed and laundered money and sold things behind my back in order to pull the surprise off. Everyone knew but me.

I was speechless.

Our parents took care of our kids so we could truly get away and we had a blissful week together. By the end of the week we missed our kiddos so much, but it was good to simply be myself and for him to be Tuan.

Does that make sense?

Being Mommy to our precious children is a huge part of myself now, but sometimes, I am glad to just be Paula. (But not for too long).

We are glad to be back home with our little family and I feel so incredibly refreshed, renewed and inspired to tackle life and projects.

And laundry.

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guitta chaiban hogue said...

so so glad ya'll could get away and completely impressed with tuan for his plans. i just wish i could have seen your face when you found out. :)