I wish I were wise, I really do. I also wish I had some Captain Crunch with Berries on hand because I just imagined the smell of that and I do so love Captain Crunch. (is there a low-carb one? I doubt it).

I wish I had a better attention span.

Anyway, thinking about wisdom. Wisdom and especially discernment are not my spiritual gifts. I don't read people or situations well at all. That's why I appreciate others who do have the gift and the things they've shared with me.

One of the most important pieces of advice I've been given regarding marriage is to never criticize or mock your spouse before others. I've been thinking about that a lot after a friend of a friend lamented on Facebook that her husband never takes her on dates, blah, blah, blah. I've really tried to take that to heart and keep any relational complaints or difficulties I have between Tuan and the LORD. (I don't have many, in case you were wondering) There's also the boundary of finding my man humorous and amusing but not crossing over into mocking.

Presenting a unified front is a concept I also learned before we got married. There is a difference between faking a unified front while everything behind closed doors is simmering and boiling and actually being unified. One wise couple would not answer the door until they were reconciled to each other. The importance of resolving differences privately and discreetly and not involving other parties in your spats was stressed. Of course there are times when you may need the wisdom of a third party (but not third parties as in everyone on Face Book!) There is also at times a need for non-verbal communication that you each understand--especially when you cannot slip away for a private conversation!

Of course having thought about this I kept finding all sorts of ridiculous opportunities to do the same things I was mentally composing a blog post about. Humbling, for sure. I'm thankful for wise people who share their wisdom with unwise folk like me!

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Joey and Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful post... it hurts my heart when I see "friends" on facebook (or hear friends in real conversation) complain about their marriages. Joey & I by no means have the marriage thing down - I'm always up for marriage wisdom & advice. Thanks for sharing!!