Bits and Pieces of Life

One of my favorite bloggers writes lengthy wonderful posts interspersed with photos of her life that don't always match the subject matter. I appreciate this and it inspired me to do the same. I always intend to use lots of photos, but I'd really just prefer to write. Tonight, however, I decided to follow her example, photo-wise, and blog about all the random bric-a-brac swirling in my head and around me.

1. Dark Chocolate. I cannot go back to milk chocolate. Oh, my. I bought a Ghirardelli 70% cacao bar and it lasted well over a week. It is so intensely satisfying and takes so little to meet the innate female need for chocolate. I tried some peanut MMs the other day and they did not taste of chocolate at all! Last night, I purchased an 80% bar--getting into the hard stuff, for sure!

Why, yes, we let our three year old drive us around camp all the time--don't you?

2. Two generous families donated their used playgrounds to the camp and we were very fortunate to have them end up in our backyard. We now have a mini-park behind our duplex and I am so, so thankful for the close access to fun that our kids enjoy!

This kid is cute. Just sayin' is all.

3. We've been working on our yard since we moved over here about a year and a half ago. Tuan has gone above and beyond to resolve drainage issues (installed a french drain himself--the man is amazing!) and get a grassy side yard planted. We are really enjoying the outdoor space and have set up a hammock, chairs and glider seat under our carport. The kids love it when we leave the van in the driveway and they can ride in circles under the carport. Mr. O likes to watch their activities and is now old enough to explore the carport and yard. So fun!

We "dress" for play-time. Tutus are mandatory.

4. I have struggled so much with being a good housekeeper. It is hard for me to keep things neat, but I do love a neat and tidy house and am seeing personal progress in this area as well as progress with the kids. The oldest are such good helpers and can do so much. Tonight, Mr. J commandeered the dustpan, straightened the dining room chairs and put the toys away for me after supper. I am thankful for my helpers. Hopefully they will be blessings to their spouses one day!

Poor Mr. O is often overwhelmed with sibling affection.

5. I love worshipping at our church! Dr. D frequently comments that he dislikes being away from our congregation on Sunday mornings. I feel the same way. I really do not like to miss a Sunday at our church home.

This is what I feel like doing every day around 1:30.

6. God is blessing me with a real season of contentment and appreciate for all that I have. I am also really thinking a lot about my (and my culture's) demand for stuff and the best stuff, no less! When is enough, enough? Why must the newest, best, brightest, highest quality be the only thing that will do? Why do children need high quality clothes when they only wear them for a few months or a season anyway? Tell me Anne, I want to know!

We love our Kay-Kay!

7. In the same light, I've been sewing and discovered that first, sewing geometric prints makes life so easy (drapes) and that sewing snaps and hook/eyes is the bane of my existence and I may never get these pillows finished!

Nana and Pawpaw are pretty wonderful, too!

8. Five Guys has recently rocked my world. Oh, what a wonderful, affordable date place!

One of the foremost duties of older siblings is teaching
the younger children how to open presents--quickly!

9. There is a marvelous, wonderful pastor's conference going on this week. It is significant on so many levels--this was the first group Tuan served when he came on staff full-time, we always know lots of the pastors, there is so much testosterone at camp right now that I may not enter the gates of camp until the conference is over, and amazing, encouraging worship and fellowship (emphasis: fellows) is taking place for the glory of God and advancement of His kingdom!

Disney with my sweetie--I want to go to there!

10. This week is the marker of the beginning of T's busy, busy season that won't let up until late August/perhaps Labor Day. I'm about to have lots of solo evenings to plan, read, write and tackle projects. I'm already praying for grace, because while this can be a profitable and blessed time, it can be a time of real sinfulness on my part--I like having my husband around (and his generous help with the kids).

In everything, give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus!

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