Two Recipes of Note

This is from Marie Claire Maison and I could just eat it up! I would have loved this bed as a kid. Maybe Tuan will be just as inspired!

The past few days, I've had the chance to do some "fun" cooking and wanted to share these recipes (and remember where they are online!)

For breakfast the other day, I made Kendra's oatmeal scones which are part of her double-duty slowcooker oatmeal recipe. I've waited months to have enough leftover oatmeal to try this recipe, but my hungry monkeys seem to inhale all the oat meal no matter how much I cook.
This is a stellar recipe. It might trump any other baked good I've made. (Tuan disagrees, he likes my focaccia--this is so much easier). The scones are super easy and not too sweet. I used white flour and regular rolled oats which were all we had and added some extra craisins to the top. Please, make this recipe!

Sunday evening, Tuan and Mr. J caught an assortment of bass and bream that Tuan fried up. (I asked J what kind of fish he caught: "A bass pro shop!" he informed me.). We needed hushpuppies and this recipe from Allrecipes fit the bill! The dough was very dry and needed a little bit of milk, but the dry, pasty balls fried up beautifully (and they do swell up thanks to the generous amount of baking soda). We decreased the sugar a bit. It makes a ridiculous amount, so halving the recipe would be wise.


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